Kanye West Sends His Agent Packing, Changes Talent Agencies [Video]

We know what you’re thinking. Kanye West probably threw some sort of massive diva fit, broke a few things, and then stormed out of his talent agent’s office in typical Kanye fashion. While that might make for an entertaining (and expected) story for the gossip magazines, it’s not exactly what happened. Celebrity news site the Wrap got a statement from Kanye’s representative, who claimed the decision was not personal in any way.

The site went on to say the Kanye’s decision to switch talent agents was a result of his desire to “diversify and search for new opportunities,” the Wrap said. Whatever “diversify and search for new opportunities” really means in PR-ese, Kanye will now be working with United Talent Agency as he believes his former agency missed the opportunity to promote him in areas other than his tours, the Wrap noted. The more-than-a-little-full-of-himself artist, who not too long ago identified himself as “Yeezus” and likened himself to a god, recently tweeted to fans to let them know the title of his new single.

ALL DAY (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney) http://t.co/AOMo6EtEDThttp://t.co/1xvft3175Jpic.twitter.com/LfasWNl679

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 3, 2015

West, who just recently joined forces with Rihanna and Paul McCartney for the catchy pop single “FourFiveSeconds,” will be touring this summer with fellow hip-hop phenom Rihanna, music news site Consequence of Sound noted.

For unsurprising reasons, including but not limited to Kanye’s grammy faux pas against Taylor Swift, Mr. West is the target of a petition calling for his removal as headliner of the Glastonbury Music Festival in Chicago. It’s unclear whether Kanye’s new choice of talent agency will help, harm, or have little significant effect on his career. Whether you’re going to be first in line to buy his new album or plan on jumping on the “let’s all hate Kanye” bandwagon (as the press has), you’d have to have pretty high standards not to be outright amazed by the YouTube video Kanye posted to his official website, which features amazing special effects and pyrotechnics alongside a live performance of his new single “All Day.”

The video features amazing special effects and pyrotechnics accompanying a live performance of his new single “All Day,” which Wikipedia states will be on his unreleased album “So Help Me God.”

It’s obvious that Yeezy’s music isn’t exactly the same style as it was a lá Watch The Throne, which he paired with fellow rapper Jay-Z for in 2011. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as with most artists who change their musical style, some will love it and some will inevitably hate it.