Watch Heroic Cat Protect A Curious Toddler From A Hot Oven In Viral Clip [Video]

It turns out that curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Instead, the cat may turn around and protect humans from really bad decisions. This was alleged to be the case when a house cat worked overtime to protect a curious toddler from a potentially dangerous situation.

A YouTube video shows a toddler playing with the oven. It’s metallic with buttons and knobs, and the little guy simply can’t help himself. His behavior draws the attention and concern of the family’s cat. At first the kitty tries to be coy, rubbing up against the little boy in an effort to distract him. When the toddler ignores her and starts pressing away at buttons, the cat quickly takes matters into her own paws.

Raising herself up on two legs, she reveals herself to be about as long as the toddler is high. Using her strength she manages to get one of the boy’s hands off the oven door. Toward the end of the video, you see her attempting to push him away from the oven. The clip ends before the viewer can determine whether or not she was successful, but given the level of determination it wouldn’t be surprising.

The video is said to have originated in Russia based on the language spoken by the adults in the short clip. While the exact origin isn’t know, it appears that the oven in the video was on; this has resulted in some criticism of the parents. Some viewers felt that the adults should have been less concerned with capturing a moment and more concerned with their child playing around a hot stove.

At the same time, praise has been universal for the cat and her “maternal” feline instinct. Donna Morgan of Little Things acknowledged that it was “fortunate” the parents were nearby and that the toddler wasn’t in any real danger.

“It’s nice to know that when they are not, this kitty has their back!”

This isn’t the first time a concerned feline has made the news for protecting a young human child from harm.

Last year, a neighbor’s dog viciously attacked an unsuspecting child but was chased away by the family’s cat. The owners didn’t even know what the cat had done until they saw the security footage of the incident. That cat was recognized as a hero after the video went viral.

Cats often get a bad rap when compared to dogs, especially in terms of being able to truly love and protect their families. However, there’s quite a few loving cats out there doing their part to reverse the negative stereotypes.

[Image Credit: VVVube]

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