Israel Attacks Hamas Hiding In The West Bank, Infiltrates Cell Planning Bomb Attacks

Despite the fact Israel and the Palestinian Territories are in the midst of a cease-fire, it does not mean there is peace. Terrorist organization Hamas, headquartered in the Palestinian Territories, has been vocal in their anti-semitism. The Inquisitr reported on such news, which includes Hamas expressing disdain for Mahmoud Abbas attending an anti-terrorism demonstration in Paris. Prior to that, a spokesman for Hamas has called for the assassination of Israeli leaders as “legitimate targets.”

The aforementioned reports do support that Hamas are clearly anti-semitic, but since the cease-fire, they’ve only expressed such a feeling through words. Now, recent raids on the West Bank reveals Hamas is preparing to attack.

According to Times of Israel, a joint operation by Shin Bet security service, Israel Police, and the Israel Defense Force (IDF) have recently uncovered a cell in the West Bank city of Qalqilya. Dozens of pounds of sulfur, along with several grams of mercury fulminate, which are components in explosives, were found.

The six cell members arrested includes Abdullah Mehmed Yussuf Zitawi, Walid Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Zina, Malek Raed Farouk Ghanem, Rejaa Khaled Rejaa Sabara, Jasser Muhammad Sayed Abu Omar, and Baha al-Din Fathi Mahmoud Suwan. They told Israeli authorities they’ve been drafted in Hamas while in Jordan, went through training in the Gaza Strip, and were dispatched to the West Bank to carry out attacks and enlist others.

The recent cell raid is just the latest in a number of others within the West Bank. Previously, Israel’s internal security service caught eleven alleged Hamas terrorists within the area, as reported by Yahoo! News. Shin Bet agents and troops are credited for the arrests back in January. They also provided a statement on what the Hamas terrorists were planning to do.

“Its [Hamas] activists were engaged in planning various attacks, including a suicide attack.

According to the plan, the two were to throw an explosive device to draw soldiers to the site, then detonate a powerful bomb already concealed there.”

The Hamas terrorists did confess to Shin Bet about a failed attempt to attack or destroy a Jewish settlement enclave in Tel Rumeida, in the center of Hebron, back in January.

Along with the two raids detailed above, Shin Bet also took out two other Hamas terror cells, in which its members allegedly fired on Israeli soldiers and West Bank civilians. It should be noted that it is typical for announcements to come a month or more after arrest operations. Therefore, even though this news is considered recent, it may actually be a month old.

[Image via Shin Bet]

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