Babysitter Text Seatbelt: Ashley Dack Allegedly Sent Disturbing Text Messages To Boyfriend About Sexually Abusing Children

A babysitter sent a disturbing text about using a seatbelt to restrain a child for sexual reasons, and that babysitter is facing serious charges. According to the Huffington Post, Ashley Dack, 29, of Texas has been accused of sexually assaulting children -- babies even -- and then detailing her experiences to her boyfriend Patrick Schuneman, 37. The two have allegedly been doing this since 2012.

Dack worked as a geologist for an oil company, but she was living a secret life. She worked a side job as a babysitter, and prosecutors say that she sexually assaulted some of the children that had been in her care. The sexually explicit text messages are sickening to read and pretty much prove that Dack and Schuneman were indeed violating little kids. Prosecutors say that the youngest victim is believed to be just 11-months-old.

The babysitter that sent the text about using a seatbelt to hold down the child when she and her boyfriend raped her reportedly forwarded those messages to a friend of hers. That friend saved the messages and went straight to the police.

Other friends who have heard this news are in complete shock.

"When I heard, I was in disbelief -- there's no way, there's gotta be some misunderstanding. I would never see her as doing that. She seemed perfectly normal. I mean, when people had kids, wanted a night out or whatever, she'd be the person to volunteer to take care of them. She'd make friends with professors and family, and it wasn't uncommon for her to watch peoples' kids as a favor. And nobody would think twice," said an old college pal of Dack's.

Dack and Schuneman have both been charged with super-aggravated child assault. They are also facing charges of sexual performance by a child under 14. Dack is being held on a $350,000 bond, while Schuneman was declined bond.

According to KFOR, there were also a few sexually graphic images of young children found on one of the couple's cell phones.

The babysitter's text about the seatbelt is below.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are even more details about this case that have not been made public. It is unknown how many children were sexually assaulted by Dack and Schuneman.

[Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images]