Michelle Obama ‘Jeopardy’ Appearance: First Lady’s Balding, Grey Hair Quizzed In FLOTUS Fans Frenzy [Video]

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Jeopardy appearance wasn’t intended to get hairy, but that’s just what happened as FLOTUS fans worried about her new near-bald, grey hairstyle. But some have said that the constant scrutiny of her coiffure comes from a racist or sexist stance, reported the New York Daily News.

So here’s the question for famed Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. Did that second appearance on his quiz show usher in a new era of minimalism for the First Lady or is she actually ill as some viewers seemed to think?

After viewers saw what appeared to be an almost bald, grey hairdo for FLOTUS, fans quickly tweeted their reactions.


“We need answers @MichelleObama!”

“Whoa just watched #Jeopardy and saw #FLOTUS looking almost bald. She looked normal on recent trip, but this was bad. Hope she’s ok.”

“Seriously? Hair’s pulled back.”

But ironically, although the viewers were worried, Alex’s category answer for the First Lady focused on her national program to promote healthy eating and exercise.

However, some have taken the stance that focusing on the First Lady’s hair is sexist, racist or both. That view became a hot button topic after a talk show host, Rodner Figueroa, was fired from Univision for his description of Michelle Obama.

“[The First Lady] looks like she is from the cast of the Planet of the Apes,” he said.

As for FLOTUS herself, she’s been candid that the commentary on her hair, from the days when she had bangs to her gypsy-style shag, is just part of her role as First Lady. Talking with Parade magazine, the First Lady declared that her main concern is feeling unhampered by her hair.

And that’s why she decided to eliminate the bangs.

“You know, it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face!” laughed Obama.

As for her focus on eliminating childhood obesity, the First Lady is adamant that she feels her “Let’s Move” program and related platforms have made a difference.

“When we started, there were people who were thinking, ‘Oh, that’s not an issue. Why is she picking that?’ But in a short amount of time we have turned a challenging problem into one where there are glimmers of hope and change. Our goal is to see the numbers reduced in a generation.”

The First Lady also revealed the challenges of raising two daughters in the White House with the constant media scrutiny impacting her children as well as her hair.

“I give them as long a leash as they can handle. What I tell my kids is, I’m preparing you for college and for life. So, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance. We still have screen time rules.”

Most recently as the Inquisitr reported, Sasha and Malia Obama were criticized for their attire and attitude when the young girls were shown on television looking bored at the annual turkey-pardoning Thanksgiving ceremony at the White House (shown above).

What do you think about the FLOTUS feedback regarding Michelle Obama’s Jeopardy appearance? Do you like the hairstyle change? Post your comments below.

[Image Via Jeopardy]

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