Great Wall of China’s latest attraction: man eating tigers

A tourist visiting the Great Wall of China near Beijing has discovered the hard way that you should never stray from the allotted path when he came to a rather unfortunate ending with a tiger.

The 20 year old man, and two of his mates were returning along the wall when they thought they’d take a short cut across a “wasteland” besides the wall. What didn’t compute though is that the wasteland was actually the Siberian Tiger enclosure at the Badaling Wildlife World.

According to reports, the short cut ended with the man himself become a short cut, a t-bone, and an eye fillet for a waiting tiger who (and I can’t make this up) opened his mouth wide open and caught his dinner before it had hit the ground.

His two mates, having seen what was going on, quickly ran away, although obviously not before filling their pants about 100 times over.

The two men told police they had seen signs around the enclosure warning of predatory animals, but said they didn’t believe them because they hadn’t seen any animals at the time. Obviously the signs were there for fun ?

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