Catzilla: Kat Kong The Giant Cat Destroys A House With No CGI, Viral Cat Photo Is Real

Some call him Catzilla, fluffy destroyer of worlds. Others say he is Kat Kong. All anyone knows for certain is that this giant cat enjoys destroying a house and the viral cat photos have begun spreading all over the world via Reddit and Imgur. What has everyone so interested is that no CGI is involved, nor are the giant cat photos photoshopped. So what is the photographer’s secret?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a 27-year-old cat named Tiffany Two might be the world’s oldest cat. A viral cat video shows an upset guitarist kicking a kitty only to have the cat get revenge.

The cat photo shows Kat Kong taking a bite out of everything, but some say the cat is simply trying to take a “swing from the chandelier,” a reference to the hit pop song “Chandelier” by Sia. Many assumed the Catzilla photo must be computer generated, but 18-year-old photographer Cade Ritter says that is not the case. The trick is in how the photograph was taken.

It turns out that Catzilla has a simple explanation. The giant cat only looks humongous because it’s going on a romp in a handmade dollhouse that Ritter’s great-grandmother originally made.

“It’s quite the amazing piece of carpentry,” Ritter said, according to ABC. “It even has a working light system.”

Many people may be disappointed the Catzilla photo does not involve green goo or a science experiment gone wrong, but Cade says it was all done for a good cause. The cat photo is being used an advertisement to help get foster kittens into permanent homes.

The cat photo is also several years old. Cade says he took the Kat Kong photo in his Texas home when his family fostered a litter of five kittens through a local animal shelter known as Austin Pets Alive.

“As people started adopting them, my mom thought it would be a good advertisement for the remaining kittens to have a little photo-shoot,” Ritter said.

Ritter cannot recall the real name of the kitten now famous as Catzilla, but he remembers the little cat as being the wildest of the litter. Kat Kong eventually found an adopted home, and the Ritter family also kept a kitten named Sophie.

[Images from Cade Ritter]