Justin Bieber Meets With 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Pop sensation Justin Bieber met with a six-year-old cancer patient on Monday and the story doesn’t end there. Bieber was in New York City and little Avalanna Routh and her family are located in Massachusetts so Bieber flew the little girl and her entire family to New York City so they could spend time together on his dime.

When Avalanna arrived at Justin Bieber’s location they played Candy Land, autographed each other’s hands and even exchanged kisses on the cheek (that translates into most teen girls now being jealous of Avalanna).

After the little girl and her family left Bieber later tweeted:

“That was one of the best things I have ever done. [Avalanna] was AWESOME. Feeling really inspired right now… Best part of my day.’’

The singer even started the Twitter hasthag #MrsBieber in honor of the little girl and it quickly became a worldwide trending term on the social networking website.

Justin Bieber has become somewhat of a poster boy for charitable giving, he routinely donates entire gross profits from product lines to charities, has given money to various educational facilities and organizations and has met with many fans in similar situations to Avalanna. In 2011 Bieber was voted as one of the most charitable celebrities by DoSomething.org’s list of the most charitable celebrities behind only Lady Gaga. Bieber was No. 10 on the same list one year earlier.

Here’s one last photo from Justin Bieber’s time spent with Avalanna Routh:

Are you impressed by Justin Bieber’s public outreach geared towards his fans?

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