Flatmate Rules Viral: Annoyed Guy Fed Up With Roommate’s Disrespect Writes A List Of Rules, List Goes Viral [Photo]

Sharing personal space with a flatmate or roommate isn’t always easy. Of course, there will be times when your space is invaded since you’re probably sharing almost everything. There may even be instances when your personal belongings are used without asking. However, after a while frustration may mount when one person begins to feel blatantly disregarded. Apparently, one guy is definitely fed up with his roommate’s irritating habit, reports Metro.

The flatmate presumably named Brian, just can’t stop barging into his room. Although the unnamed annoyed guy has reportedly made his voiced his concerns on several occasions, it seems Brian just can’t seem to kick the habit. So, the annoyed guy decided to make his frustrations known. He’s come up with a creative way to specify all of his concerns. He wrote a long list of flatmate rules to ensure Brian gets the picture. The list begins with a brief note stating his request.

flatmaate rules

Then, he proceeds with a split sheet of hypothetical situations and suggestions Brian can use to avoid just barging in. The hilarious list is quite lengthy, but the annoyed guy makes it clear that he does not want Brian in his room or even knocking on his door approximately 95 percent of the time he’s home! The annoyed guy originally uploaded the image of his flatmate rules to Imgur on Thursday, Mar. 19.

Now, the hilarious list has gone viral with over one million views. Of course, most readers have insisted that the annoyed guy just needs a new flatmate because he shouldn’t have had to go to such extremes to make such a simple request. Some readers also cited the difference in their sexual preferences, as another reason why he should consider finding a new flatmate. However, others felt the annoyed guy’s flatmate rules were a bit rude.

Either way, hopefully, Brian gets the picture!

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