Lea Michele Talks About New Show ‘Scream Queens’

When Lea Michele wrapped on the series finale of Glee, she didn’t have too much time to relax. Thanks to Glee creator Ryan Murphy, Michele had to jet off to New Orleans to start filming a brand new show called Scream Queens.

Although Michele has enjoyed playing Rachel Berry on Glee for six seasons, the actress seems ready to take on a role that’s entirely different from what the audience expects from her. Michele, during the PaleyFest panel, teased her role on the upcoming Ryan Murphy project Scream Queens, which premieres this fall on Fox.

“My character is very different than anything you’ve ever seen me do before. So you won’t see me or Rachel Berry anywhere in there I can assure you of that.”

The Glee star is playing a radically different character, but she isn’t going too far out of the realm of comedy.

“The first two scripts are so hilarious; those are the only ones that we’ve gotten so far. They’re so funny and also really scary, so me and some of the girls Abigail and Emma, we’ve been texting each other and we’re all so excited — it’s going to be hilarious!”

Scream queens. This fall. Fox. #ScreamQueens pic.twitter.com/LkIyaO4hUU

— October..?;) (@QueenOfScream13) March 19, 2015

Lea Michele is in great company with Scream Queens, as she will star alongside American Horror Story alum Emma Roberts, the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, and Ariana Grande. This isn’t the first time Murphy has put singers to work. American Horror Story has seen the likes of Stevie Nicks, Patti LaBelle, and, on the upcoming season, Lady Gaga will star.

As for Scream Queens, everything has been kept under wraps aside from the teaser commercials that have been airing. Ryan Murphy did tease at least part of the premise to Entertainment Tonight.

“Every week, It’s really like a murder mystery. Who’s going to get knocked off? And who’s the killer? And not until the last episode do you find out who it is. And everybody has the motivation to be that killer.”

The teasing of Scream Queens has worked as far as promotion goes because it seems like people are very excited for its fall debut.

[Image via Fox]