‘Glee’ Series Finale Spoilers: Rachel’s Final Song, Finn Tribute, And More Teased

Glee will end its run on Fox on Friday night, and a number of series finale spoilers have been released. The biggest spoiler for the finale has to deal with the final song that will be performed by Rachel Berry on the series. Darren Criss wrote the song for Lea Michele to perform during the special episode, and Us Weekly shared the audio for “This Time” on Tuesday.

The song’s lyrics are emotional and they mark Rachel Berry’s journey during the last six seasons on the Fox series. Before Glee Season 5, Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose, and his death had an impact on both the series and Lea Michele personally. The couple dated both on and off screen. The lyrics for the song speak of that heartbreak.

“These halls I’ve walked a thousand times. Heartbreaks and Valentines, friends of mine, oh no. I look at everything I was and everything I’ve loved and see how much I’ve grown. Even if the mirror doesn’t see it, it’s clear to me I see it. I can make it on my own. I’m not afraid of moving on and letting go. It’s just so hard to say goodbye to what I know.”

Darren Criss has spoken out about penning the emotional tune for Lea Michele in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly shared by USA Today.

“I wrote ‘This Time’ as a love note to all things Glee. The show itself, the emotions of the people leaving it — both the characters and the actors themselves, the effect it had on everyone — I tried to cram all these ideas into a single person’s narrative. I wanted Rachel’s words to encapsulate not only her own personal journey, but everyone’s experience of being a part of this show.”

At an event held at the Paley Center, Michele also commented on the song, and she called it the “greatest gift.”

The Glee finale will also pay tribute to Finn and his memory once again. It is clear that Cory Monteith had an impact on the series. The series had an entire episode pay tribute to his character during Season 5. Finn will be shown and spoken about throughout the series finale. Fans will see footage featuring Finn, according to International Business Times.

There will be happy moments during the series finale as well. The Glee cast will perform “Popular,” from Wicked. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer will perform the song together during the episode, according to Time. This is not the first time the pair have performed a song from the Broadway musical. During Glee Season 1, Michele and Colfer performed a duet of “Defying Gravity.”

Glee was a hit series for Fox, but ratings started to slip during Season 4. Ratings slipped even further during Season 5, but Fox kept its commitment to Ryan Murphy. The series would continue and end as planned at the end of Season 6.

Are you ready for the end of Glee on Fox? What do you think of the song Darren Criss wrote for Lea Michele to perform on the final episode?

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