Gisele Bundchen Rocks String Bikini In Instagram Picture Heating Up The Internet

Gisele Bundchen just posted a picture of herself rocking a string bikini as she frolicked on a beach, proving why even at the ripe old age of 34, she’s still the world’s top supermodel.

The picture showed Gisele leaping from the sand on a tropical beach, showing off her toned body while wearing some very tiny swimwear. She was lounging with two dogs and had scratched a heart and the word “grateful” into the sand.

In a message that accompanied the picture, Gisele said she is grateful for the fans who leave her messages of love and support.

“Thank you to all my dear fans who dedicate their time to leave a message here,” Gisele write. “Thank you for all the love. A kiss in your heart and have a beautiful day!!!”

Soon, snapshots of Gisele Bundchen in a string bikini might be all the world gets to see of the 34-year-old model, at least outside of the fashion magazine pages. Gisele is ending her runway modeling career next month, the Brazilian newspaper Moda Estadao reported. Gisele’s final runway jaunt will take place at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, with her last hurrah taking place at the Colcci show.

But Giesele’s modeling career is far from over, as she still has modeling contracts with some top brands including Chanel.

At least fans will still have Instagram, and Gisele’s penchant for tiny bikinis. In 2013, the former Victoria’s Secret supermodel hit the beach in Costa Rica just three months after the birth of her daughter Vivian Lake. Gisele was seen lounging on the beach and carrying her 3-month-old baby in an Ergobaby Carrier strapped across her chest.

The beach trip was one of the first public appearances for Gisele after Vivian’s birth, which the model said was a “miracle.”

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” Bundchen wrote on her Facebook shortly after she and NFL quarterback welcomed Vivian into the world on Dec. 5.

For Gisele Bundchen, wearing a string bikini in tropical locations appears to be something of a late winter and early spring tradition. In April of the following year, she was seen hitting the beach during a holiday in her native Brazil.

[Image from Gisele Bundchen/Instagram]

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