Woman Killed By Plywood: 37-Year-Old Killed In Manhattan When Plywood Falls In Wind

A woman was killed by a piece of plywood in Manhattan in a sudden, tragic accident. According to Mail Online, the 37-year-old woman was walking in the West Village on Tuesday evening when she was struck by the plywood, which was blown off of a condo complex by the wind. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“The plywood came from new construction The Greenwich Lane — a 200-unit development in five buildings and five townhouses that stands on what was once the site of St. Vincent’s Hospital. The woman was on her cell phone as she passed the entrance to a parking lot entrance, when the 4-by-8 sheet of plywood, separated from the security fence across the street.”

The woman killed by plywood was pushed into a wall, and then bumped her head. According to the New York Post, the woman has been identified as Tina Nguyen. A representative from Keller Williams Real Estate confirmed that Nguyen was an employee for their company. She recently began working with the company as an agent. It is presumed that she had been walking home from work when the accident occurred.

The construction site has not been without incidents, though this one is likely the most serious one yet.

“The Department of Building issued a stop work order for the site following the accident. The site has racked up several complaints complaints and currently has 11 open violations,” reports the New York Post.

Accidents on a construction site aren’t unheard of, either. While the wind was the culprit in this case, a case back in November also cost someone their life. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gary Anderson, 58, was carrying drywall on a site in Jersey City when he was hit in the head with a falling tape measure. Anderson was not wearing a hard hat, though it’s unclear if he was in a “hard hat” area. The impact was enough to kill Anderson.

“[The tape measure] hit another piece of metal construction equipment 15 feet off the ground, then ricocheted and hit this man in the head,” said Jersey City’s public safety spokeswoman Carly Baldwin at the time.

[Photo by Richard Patterson/Getty Images]