California Principal Caught On Video Saying, ‘I Just Don’t Like Black Kids’ [Video]

Fresno, California middle school vice principal Joseph Defillipo was caught on video saying, “I just don’t like black kids.” The Scandinavian Middle School official was recorded making the racial remarks by a student’s cell phone. Approximately 10 percent of the students at the Fresno Unified School District building are black.

Joseph Defillipo was allegedly in the midst of a discussion with several Scandinavian Middle School students chatting about the people he did not like at the Fresno school. The 20-second video of Defillipo making the racial comments ends abruptly after the comment which has caused a significant amount of backlash from students, parents, and members of the California community.

The video of the Fresno middle school vice principal saying, “I just don’t like black kids” was posted on YouTube on Friday and quickly went viral. Joseph Defillipo has reportedly been in the education field for 18 years and has been employed by the Scandinavian Middle School since 2010.

Officials from the Fresno middle school told the media that Defillipo had been placed on paid administrative leave. An unnamed third-party is reportedly engaging in an “external investigation” into the video and racism allegations. Public records reportedly indicate that the Fresno vice principal at the heart of the racism allegations makes about $87,000 per year.

A statement from the Scandinavian Middle School about the Joseph Defillipo “I don’t like black kids” comment states the school’s views towards the incident.

“Fresno Unified [school district] takes great pride in providing a positive learning environment for all students and staff. The interaction between the Scandinavian student and our employee has been brought to our attention and we are conducting an investigation. Fresno Unified takes this matter very seriously and we will take any necessary actions pending the results.”

Multiple parents from within the school district told The Fresno Bee that they want Joseph Defillipo fired. A gathering of former Scandinavian Middle School and Fresno Unified School District students occurred outside the school building yesterday afternoon. Some of the protesters shouted, “I love black people” and “black power.”

A plethora of comments from alleged current and former Scandinavian Middle School students quickly appeared beneath the Joseph Defillipo “I just don’t like black kids” viral video. One poster, who identified himself as Kevin Hill said, “I’d withhold any judgment until the rest of the video comes out. First, he was talking to black kids, most likely joking, inappropriate, yeah but not racist. Second, the way the video cuts immediately out indicates that there was more said which in context would’ve shown he was joking.”

What do you think about the Scandinavian Middle School viral video of vice principal Joseph Defillipo’s comments?

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