Man Bashes 9 Puppies To Death, One Survives: ‘People Are Looking At Me Like I’m A Cold-Blooded Killer’

Basher Of Puppies Has Choice Words For Media

Nine puppies died at the hands of NSW man Nathan Thompson, a dog owner who is now fighting to have his own pet returned to him after authorities in Australia confiscated the animal.

Nathan Thompson spent a night in jail after being arrested for the crime of beating nine puppies to death with a stone. One of the puppies survived and has since been nicknamed “Lucky” by the RSPCA.

Thompson has been banned for 10 years from owning, buying, or possessing any animal. He also cannot be around an animal without direct supervision.

“People are looking at me like I’m a cold-blooded killer because of what I have done, and I can understand that,” he said in comments to the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, he insists that the media is only telling half the story, alleging that he killed the dogs at the request of the dogs’ owner, Tony Brown.

Brown insists that’s false, claiming that he simply asked Thompson if he thought he could get rid of the animals.

“Like he had a litter of pups there nine months ago and he sold them like hot cakes,” Brown clarified to 9News.

Brown has come under heavy criticism from Thompson and Thompson’s girlfriend, Sarah Nickerson, who described the breeder as a “dog f****r.”

The breed of puppies numbered 10 in all, but a bystander, who witnessed Thompson taking the stone to the animals was able to put a stop to it before he could get to each one.

Here’s a picture of the sole survivor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.23.09 PM

Lucky is being kept on pain relief medication, but is stable, according to the RSPCA.

Multiple reports have not indicated that Tony Brown will be charged in any way for the deaths of the nine animals, but that didn’t stop Thompson from ratcheting up the accusations in comments as he was being arrested.

When journalists asked him why he did it, he pulled his shirt up to cover his face and said it was because “I was f****n’ asked to,” adding “the owner of the f****n’ dogs asked me to do it — Tony Brown!”

Thompson could face as much as five years imprisonment on the four counts of animal cruelty to which he pled guilty.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident, nor is it specific to Australia. Recently, in West Alabama, two teens were arrested and will be charged with aggravated animal cruelty for beheading three puppies and posting the video to Snapchat.

Do you think people like Thompson and the kids in Alabama get off too easy for animal cruelty acts like the ones mentioned above?