Brewers Baseball Team Bans High-Fives Because Of Pink Eye Outbreak Among Players

The Milwaukee Brewers have experienced an outbreak of pink eye. For that reason, the baseball team has temporarily banned high-fives among the players. CBS Sports reported that to avoid spreading pink eye any further, banning high-fives for the next few days is the best method to keep pink eye at bay. Therefore, the baseball team will just have to find another way to express their excitement. Some suggestions are salutes, nods, hat tips or a simple smile. While the ban is in effect, team members can also default to the old way of verbally congratulating one another.

In the last few days, some of the Brewers have caught pink eye. Jonathan Lucroy, catcher and Rick Kranitz, pitching coach are away from the team for 48 hours because they are dealing with pink eye. ABC News listed more victims of pink eye, such as infielder Yadiel Rivera who returned from pink eye on played on Friday, and catcher Juan Centeno returned on Thursday. Manager Ron Roenicke stated that more outbreaks show up every day because pink eye is very contagious.

USA Today reported that because baseball players have to be in close contact with one another during spring training, refraining from touching one another might help. Even though high-fives are quick, they are a way to spread pink eye since people are likely to touch their eyes shortly after giving or receiving a high-five.

Since high-fives have become so commonplace these days, it might be hard for people to refrain from giving a high-five; however, the ban on high-fives is much better than having to deal with the annoyance of pink eye. In fact, some are forgetting until the last minute about the ban. They start to give someone a high-five, but draw their hand back at the last minute.

Pink eye can be caused by a number of things, but it is spread quickly by touching the eyes with infected hands. The most effective prevention way for the Brewers to stop the spread of pink eye in their club house is to avoid touching the hands of other players. The ban will remain in place until the spread of pink eye is over.

Do you think banning high-fives is a good way to stop the spread of pink eye among the Brewers baseball team? Have you ever had pink eye? Did you get it from someone who had it and you gave them a high-five?

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