Bus Bully Urine: Infamous Elder Bullying Student Strikes Again, Karen Klein Mortified

Shockingly, an infamous bus bully from a New York school has struck again. When Karen Klein, the former bus monitor who became the de facto face of elderly bullying victims, learned the student who harassed her three years ago was the same one who forced a special needs student to drink their urine earlier this week, she was shaken by the allegations.

According to the Daily Caller, a community is enraged at news of another egregious bullying incident in their area. Sources say several students are part of an investigation of a special needs student forced to drink their urine while holding their genitals. Apparently, three kids cornered a student at the upstate high school, filmed the bathroom incident, and shared it with friends via Snapchat.

The outrage was exacerbated when word spread that one of the bullies is a repeat offender: a bus bully who participated in the videotaped harassment of a former school bus monitor. Karen Klein was the 68-year-old woman whose experience in 2012 by one of the same bus bullies sparked national outrage when the “Make the Bus Monitor Cry” video went viral.

Footage of the bus bullying incident showed the students calling the woman horrible names and taunting her until she cried. An outpouring of support for Klein followed when a woman set up an Indiegogo fundraiser to assist the woman with a vacation.

The goal of $5,000 was quickly surpassed. In the end, the woman, who forgave the students, was gifted over $700,000. She soon retired and set up a foundation to prevent bullying in schools. Klein shared her dismay that the bus bully in the urine-drinking incident is one of her past tormentors.

“I don’t believe this is happening again. They didn’t learn any lessons from the other ordeal. I don’t think they ever will.

“Why did you do that, what possessed you to be so mean. And now with this it is really obscene what they did, and it is like it is progressing rather that regressing.”

Klein is referring to the fact that despite the one-year suspension, dozens of hours spent with seniors, and training to prevent and detect bullying in school settings, the bus bully involved in the forced drinking of a student’s urine has not curtailed their behavior.

The challenge now is to identify ways to reach people who continue to gain a thrill at the expense of others. The Athena bullying investigation is still taking place at the time of this writing. It’s unknown what form of discipline — if any — will take place this time.

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]