Did Cristiano Ronaldo Cheat On The Gorgeous Irina Shayk? Model Felt ‘Insecure’ & ‘Ugly’ In Their Relationship

Irina Shayk & Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina Shayk recently spoke out about her split from Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. The model’s recent interview is once again sparking cheating rumors. Irina admitted that she felt “ugly” and “insecure” during her relationship with the gorgeous man. She wanted the world to know that Cristiano not as perfect as he appears.

The Russian model was quoted by Goal during her interview with Spain’s Hola magazine. She revealed that Ronaldo was “unfaithful and dishonest” during their relationship. Shayk also revealed that Ronaldo “does not respect women.”

Irina, 29, also revealed that it wasn’t cheating that caused their split. She said that she broke up with Cristiano because she felt like she was dating a “child.”

“I feel positive and strong. If you’re in a relationship, it should be good. Otherwise, it’s best to leave. Relationships are hard so one has to be clear about what kind of man you want beside you and what your values are; what is important in your life. If you stay with someone, one must walk in the same direction and look at things the same.

Both must share the same concept of what a relationship means and both must believe in a monogamous relationship. I want a faithful, honest man; a gentleman who knows how to respect women. I do not believe in men that make us fall and be unhappy.

That is not the behaviour of a man, but a child. I thought that I had the perfect man, but no … I think a woman feels ugly when she has the wrong man. I felt ugly and insecure beside him.”

It’s hard for fans to hear that Shayk struggled with her insecurities while dating Ronaldo. But it’s good to see that the model is in a good place in her life now. Even though Shayk does not mention Cristiano Ronaldo by name, it’s clear that the interview was about her ex-boyfriend. The model became famous for dating the Portuguese soccer star and sometimes male model.

This isn’t the first time that cheating rumors followed Irina and Cristiano. Back in January, the Inquisitr reported that the good-looking couple broke up because Irina was tired of Cristiano’s constant cheating. Cristiano himself has quashed the rumors about his alleged affairs.

Cristiano Ronaldo is rumored to be dating Spanish TV star Lucia Villalon, although it has not yet been confirmed, according to the report. FanShare revealed that it’s actually Irina Shayk who’s dating the beauty, but that doesn’t appear to be true since she never hinted that she was bisexual.


What do you think about Irina Shayk’s comments about Cristiano Ronaldo? Have you ever felt insecure in your relationships?

[Image: Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images]