Preschooler Beaten With Wooden Paddle For Not Knowing How To Spell His Last Name, Uncle Arrested

A Houston man is behind bars after beating a 4-year-old preschooler because he did not know how to spell his last name. The young boy was beaten with a wooden paddle, leaving bruises upon his buttocks and lower back. The child’s siblings were present during the beating, witnessing the entire incident. Initially, the man lied about the injuries, but later confessed to the abuse. The incident comes after a study reported that hundreds of abused Texan children were not reported since at least 2010, as was previously reported by the Inquisitr.

According to ABC 7, court records revealed that Richard Wayne Brewster was charged with injury to a child, with bail set to $10,000, for beating his 4-year-old nephew with a wooden paddle. The young preschooler was treated for bruises on his back and buttocks after his parents noticed the unusual injury. When questioned by the hospital staff, the boy revealed that his uncle was responsible for beating him with the wooden paddle. When asked why his Uncle hit him, he responded that he didn’t know how to spell his last name.

The young boy’s siblings were also questioned about the abuse, revealing that they were present when the paddling occurred. Each confirmed the preschooler’s story.

The siblings reported that the paddle was made of wood and revealed to to be approximately 4 inches wide, 2 feet long, and nearly 2 inches thick. The size was later confirmed when police came into possession of the paddle.

Brewster was questioned by the police, according to ABC 30 Fresno, stating that the bruises were the result of bug bites. Police did not believe Brewster and he later changed his story to reveal the truth. According to the police, Brewster revealed that he asked the boy to spell his last name. When the boy could not comply, Brewster became upset and irate, leading to beating him with a paddle. Brewster revealed that he did not hit the boy more than five times. He willingly surrendered the paddle to the police.

The young boy’s name has not been released due to his age. Brewster, 38, faces charges of injuring a child and is being held on $10,000 bail.

Texas revealed that hundreds of child abuse and neglect cases have not been revealed since 2010, many of which lead to the deaths of children. CPS revealed that they would do a better job at releasing the information to the public, bringing awareness to the tragic issue.

[Photo Courtesy: Away Point]