What Do You Want To See in ‘Mass Effect 4?’ The Game’s Creative Director Wants To Know

While BioWare hasn’t shared many details about the upcoming next installment of the Mass Effect franchise, the developer wants to hear from fans what they expect to see in the series’ next chapter. Sending out a call for community feedback from his personal Twitter account, Mass Effect Creative Director Mac Walters asked gamers to let him know what they would like to have added to the fourth Mass Effect title.

As would be expected, Walters began to receive numerous messages from Mass Effect fans expressing what they hope will be included in the next Mass Effect game. However, Walters didn’t simply keep the conversation one-way. The creative director for BioWare’s popular sci-fi series actually began discussing his thoughts on the feedback as well as sharing his own hopes and goals for the new Mass Effect title.

Walters revealed his desire to bring back the feeling of awe and wonder that he says the first Mass Effect game captured perfectly. Other commonly requested features for the next Mass Effect game, which Walters confirmed should definitely be part of the new title, include better exploration, more squad members, and a bigger emphasis on side stories.

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 (BioWare)

The Mass Effect creative director also agreed with fans who said that they wanted their decisions to have a bigger impact in the fourth game. In particular, Walters agreed on the idea that the world should undergo dynamic change throughout the course of the game, even absent player interaction.

A very common point that Mass Effect fans suggested was improved character customization options, to which Walters pointed out that the game had “better” have more pleasing options since it will appear on next-gen hardware.

A report by Gameranx noted that many gamers hope to see features from other recent titles added to the Mass Effect franchise. Most notably, Walters agreed that the War Table was a fantastic addition to BioWare’s own Dragon Age: Inquisition. Additionally, the creative director loved the innovation of Shadow of Mordor‘s Nemesis system, but joked that even the thought of adding such an in-depth system caused him to age prematurely.

BioWare has confirmed that the next Mass Effect title will only be available on current-gen platforms and that the game will follow a new protagonist other than Commander Shepard. Most of what has been discovered recently about the new game has come from job listings posted for the BioWare studios that are currently working on the new entry of the Mass Effect series. Recent reports from the Inquisitr have detailed how BioWare job listings have revealed that there will be a multiplayer component to the fourth Mass Effect game, as well as a bigger desire from the developer to create better cinematics.

What new gameplay features would you like to see added to next installment of the Mass Effect franchise?

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