'Mass Effect 4': BioWare Wants To Build Better Cinematics

It seems that BioWare is hoping to have more realistic and believable cinematics within their upcoming titles, such as the next Mass Effect game. According to an official job posting, the developer is now looking to fill a position for a new Senior Cinematic Animator for their BioWare Montreal studio. The team responsible for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises confirmed that they are specifically looking for someone who can provide more realistically stylized cutscene animations for their future titles.

The job listing never actually mentions that this position will work on the Mass Effect project, but Attack of the Fanboy points out that a senior developer at the BioWare Montreal studio would undoubtedly be involved with the game, since the next entry of the Mass Effect series is being created at the team's Montreal and Edmonton locations. So this new Senior Cinematic Animator would definitely be involved in the developer's sci-fi epic.

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Mass Effect

BioWare provided some insight on how they want to see their cinematics evolve as they move exclusively to the newly available hardware generation for titles like the new Mass Effect game. The developer noted that they want to better depict emotion and mood within their game's cutscenes. The full expectation of what the studio hopes to achieve with the new position was outlined in the listing for the Senior Cinematic Animator.

  • Develop and animate cut scenes that support the narrative of the games
  • Animate the human form, giving the character weight, personality, mood, and believability
  • Animate in realistic and stylized motion, on both human and creature models
  • Convey mood and emotion through facial animation
  • Define and estimate tasks in a well organized manner
  • Interact and collaborate with the different departments (Design, Art, Programming, Writing, etc.)
  • Excellent problem solving skills. Candidate must be able to quickly identify issues and resolve them.
In another BioWare job listing that was posted earlier this month, the developer confirmed that the next Mass Effect game will once again feature some kind of online multiplayer mode. As reported by the Inquisitr, the team is looking to hire an online producer to specifically oversee the multiplayer component of the upcoming Mass Effect title that is currently in development.

While the next Mass Effect project will technically be the series' fourth installment, BioWare has confirmed that the upcoming game will not be titled Mass Effect 4. The developer instead revealed that the game will likely be subtitled to distinguish itself from the first Mass Effect trilogy that followed Commander Shepard. However, BioWare has not yet announced what the new Mass Effect game will be called.

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