Multiplayer Will Return To Next 'Mass Effect' Game, Bioware Seeks New Online Producer To Oversee Development

It now looks like fans can expect for the next Mass Effect to once again feature some kind of multiplayer mode to be included as part of the upcoming fourth installment of Bioware's popular sci-fi franchise. The developer's plans to add multiplayer elements to the new game were revealed after Mass Effect Senior Development Director Chris Wynn announced on Twitter that the studio is currently looking to hire a new online producer to help oversee the creation of the next Mass Effect title.

The full job listing for the new position went in to further details to reveal that Bioware is certainly intending to build some kind of online multiplayer component for the fourth Mass Effect game. The advertised online producer for Mass Effect will specifically be responsible for shaping the game's new online mode. A few of the more notable expectations for what will be required of Mass Effect's online producer are as follows.

  • "Create and champion the vision of the multi-player, connected experiences and online features of the game which respects the project leadership goals and be accountable for the quality targets and the results achieved.
  • Provide strong leadership to the team by providing clear guidance, instructions and directions.
  • Provide clear context to the team for how the features fit into the larger game, how they fit into the market place, and how it serves and delights our fans.
  • Be the Voice of the players for the area of ownership, articulate clearly fans expectations to the team and provide actionable items.
  • Once game is launched, responsible for strategic oversight and operating live services. Work with analytics and digital marketing resources to make key daily/weekly decisions in providing the right mix of features, content, and investment into the live services on an on-going basis to optimize growth and profitability for digital services."
Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The next Mass Effect game will join many other recent Bioware titles that have recently released with multiplayer gameplay. Within the epic space series itself, Mass Effect 3 featured an online multiplayer mode. More recently, the studio also launched Dragon Age: Inquisition with a new online co-op game mode.

However, it's likely that fans will experience an entirely new kind of multiplayer experience within the next Mass Effect game, since Bioware is looking to hire a new team member to change the direction of the game's online design. Additionally, as recently reported by the Inquisitr, Bioware's Aaryn Flynn stated earlier this month that the developer plans to build the next entry of the Mass Effect franchise without heavily borrowing from past Bioware titles.

Does the prospect of a new multiplayer mode for the next Mass Effect game excite you, or would you prefer that Bioware focuses more on crafting a solid single player campaign?

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