The Next ‘Mass Effect’ Game Won’t Contain Borrowed Elements From Past Bioware Titles

Bioware wants fans to be clear that each of their games have their own separate development designs to help ensure that all of their games, such as the upcoming next Mass Effect game, will have its own unique feel and style. The developer is concerned that gamers may be worried that their games may become too similar since their current projects, like many EA published titles, are being created using the same engine.

The developer has now confirmed that the fourth Mass Effect game will have its own individual theme and coding that will set it apart from other Bioware titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition. Aaryn Flynn, General Manager for Bioware’s Edmonton and Montreal studios, offered more clarity on the situation In a NeoGaf forum post as he reassured fans that the next entry in the Mass Effect series will be unlike any other game that the developer has worked on despite using the same engine.

“All of our games are using Frostbite now. We’ve said the next Mass Effect (and our new IP, but I won’t expand on that yet) uses some of the technology from DAI. We’ve been enjoying building larger areas that you can explore with less friction, so that’ll be there as well.”

Mass Effect 2
The Mass Effect Trilogy

However, Flynn later expanded on that statement to the code that allowed Dragon Age: Inquisition to enjoy a much larger world size than previous installments of the fantasy franchise likely be the extent of what is reused for the new Mass Effect game. Beyond featuring larger exploration maps, the Mass Effect team is working to provide fans with an experienced tailored off of the sci-fi series’ own influences.

“But after that, the next Mass Effect will be (and should be) drawing on its own rich and successful past more than what DAI would say it should do.”

For example, there are many systems that Bioware simply had no reasons to create for Dragon Age: Inquisition so it would be impossible for the developer to reuse this content for the new Mass Effect game. Flynn used the Mako to illustrate this point. Mass Effect‘s signature surface vehicle is something that would never exist in the high fantasy world of Dragon Age.


“Take the Mako, something we’ve already shown in prototype form. We had that in ME1, and bringing it back is more related to a feeling that we can do it much better than we did before and fulfill the original promise of that gameplay. That has nothing to do with DAI. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that dropping the older consoles has had more impact on the overall gameplay goals of the next Mass Effect game than what DAI successfully accomplished.”

Some might have noticed the reference that the fourth Mass Effect game will be only available on current-gen systems. Flynn later reiterated that the upcoming next Mass Effect title will only be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in a Twitter confirmation.

Despite the huge popularity of the Mass Effect franchise, The Inquisitr recently reported that the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition has been deemed the most successfully launch of any Bioware title by publisher EA. The developer is surely hoping to beat their own record with the launch of the next Mass Effect game.

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