Jay-Z Lawsuit Dropped by Private Jet Company

jay z

Air Platinum Club filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z in June, 2010, for $137,000. The company dropped the lawsuit today. It’s unclear if the private airline company and the rap mogul reached a confidential settlement.

Air Platinum Club claimed that Jay-Z had he racked 55 hours of first-class service on one of its private jets. Jay-Z, however, only paid for 37 hours. The private airline company said that Jay-Z owed $137,485 for unpaid flights, catering, taxes, and fees.

E! News reports that the lawsuit was dropped today, but that a reason was not given. TMZ speculates that Jay-Z and Air Platinum Club reached an agreement outside of court.

Do you think Jay-Z and Air Platinum Club settled outside of court?

Jay-Z and Beyonce should have no problem footing the bill. The celebrity couple have been dropping millions on their new baby and Beyonce was reportedly just offered a $500 million contract to join X-Factor.