Jay-Z and Beyonce Spoil Blue Ivy With $1.5 Million Worth of Gifts

Dan Evon

Do you think Blue Ivy Carter will grow up just a wee bit spoiled? The world's youngest celebrity is only a few days old but she's already rocking bling and sitting in a diamond encrusted throne. Yep, Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly spent more than $1.5 million on their baby girl.

US Magazine reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce have bought their new baby plenty of new gifts, including a diamond-encrusted high chair and a $3500 lucite crib.

The celebrity parents have also built three identical 2,200 square foot nurseries in their three homes in the US for Blue Ivy. According to News.com.au, the nurseries cost the celebrity couple more than a $250,000.

An unidentified source relayed a few more details, saying:

"Together they’ve bought a Swarovski-studded high chair by Carla Monchen for $15,000, and a Fantasy ‘posh tots’ coach carriage crib for $40,000... Jay-Z bought Beyonce a solid gold handmade Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for $600,000. They’ve even splashed out on a $30,000 magical windmill playhouse for the garden and a mini Bugatti car, too. They’ve got baby charm bracelets, gold and platinum diamond rattles and dummies from Tiffany & Co, too."

And on top of Blue Ivy's lavish gifts, the new baby also has her first hit single. Jay-Z released a new song dedicated to his baby girl. Jay-Z raps:

“The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you.”