WWE News: Real Reason Why Hulk Hogan And Steve Austin Never Wrestled Each Other Revealed

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are two of the biggest stars in the history of pro wrestling. However, even though they were both in WWE at the same time for a short while, the legendary superstars never faced each other in a singles match. According to Jim Ross on the latest episode of Grilling JR, the reason why the dream match never happened was that Austin didn't want to do it.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Ross revealed that Austin thought the pair of them wouldn't be able to have a match that lived up to his high standards. He apparently took his work seriously at the time, and he wasn't prepared to risk performing in a match that didn't deliver.

"Austin had it in his mind that Hogan's style and Austin's style were oil and water. He just didn't feel the chemistry. Austin was never about having good matches. Austin was about having great matches. He knew better than anybody else in the world who he could work the best with. Hogan wasn't on that list."
Ross went on to say that WWE pitched an idea for a WrestleMania showdown between the legends. The plan was to put them in a storyline that acknowledged how they were both the biggest stars of their respective generations and take it from there.

Ross also revealed that since Austin was arguably the more relevant performer at the time, this would have made Hogan bitter and caused the Hall of Famer to showcase an angrier side to his character. Judging by the AEW announcer's comments, the plan could have been to have Hogan reprise his heel "Hollywood" persona.

While Austin wasn't keen on the match, Ross believes that Hogan would have been up for working with "The Rattlesnake" if the idea was proposed to him.
"It didn't happen because Steve didn't push for it. I believe Hogan probably would have gone along with it because it would have been a great payday and he could have worked with Austin."
Ross also stated that the match was discussed during Austin's unhappy period in the company, which ultimately led to him taking a self-imposed hiatus from WWE after being asked to lose to Brock Lesnar on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2002. This means the match with Hogan might have happened if Austin's circumstances were different.

Hogan has been lobbying for one more match in recent months, but it appears Austin won't ever be returning to the squared circle. It's highly unlikely that the pair will ever face off.