Utah Bikini Officers: 2 Suspensions Over ‘Hot Shots’ Video Shoot

The Utah bikini scandal involving two peace officers has been under investigation for months. According to an update on the “Hot Shots” calendar video shoot where bikini-clad models shot firearms, two police officers in Utah have been suspended, according to a Fox News report.

Documents from the Utah Department of Public Safety revealed that the two state officers involved in the bikini model calendar footage were given different suspensions. Sergeant Rob Wilkinson with the Utah Highway Patrol was handed a three-day suspension, and Agent Justin Hansen with the State Bureau of Investigation received a one-day suspension for their decisions to appear in the swimsuit calendar video shoot. Both officers were not paid while suspended.

Watch the Hot Shots video shoot here.

Back in June of last year, both Utah officers were on the scene at the Big Shot Ranch during the filming of the recent Hot Shots calendar. There, British models clad in skimpy bikini posed for photos and appeared in the video firing guns.

According to Utah officials, both officers took part in the film’s production by appearing in the video. Both police officers are seen wearing camouflage attire. What’s more, they identified themselves in the bikini video shoot as law enforcement officers.

According to a DPS spokesperson, who asked not to be identified, the officers’ discipline were handed out back in December. However, the suspensions stemming from their participation in the bikini calendar production was not widely known until recently, as the result of a public records request.

According to investigators, Hansen and Wilkinson were asked to supervise the firing range during filming of the Hot Shots production. Both Utah officers knew bikini models would be present, but failed to get permission from their supervisors beforehand or inform them about their roles afterwards because they “recognized the potential repercussions.”

According to the HS website, a portion of the proceeds will go towards charities that support former soldiers wounded in battle or deployment. It’s unknown if the officers’ decision to participate in the bikini models’ video shoot had anything to do with the pledge.

Although recent reports focus on the Utah officers in the bikini scandal, a National Guard unit allowed the swimsuit models onto Camp Williams where they were permitted to use military vehicles in production. Several soldiers were either relived of duty or disciplined.

[Photo credit: YouTube screengrab via Castanet]