Powerball Winner In Texas Claims Jackpot, Powerball Winning Numbers In Tennessee Gets A Million

A Powerball winner in Texas has come forward to claim the Powerball jackpot, and the Powerball winning numbers were kind to someone in Tennessee since he or she is eligible to claim $1 million.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a sex offender named Timothy Poole won the Florida lottery, and a judge his allowing him to keep his Super Millions despite a lawsuit from his previous victims.

Last month, a new Powerball winner, Marie Holmes, announced her intention to buy a home and their plan is to “own everything.” Unfortunately, Texas’ Powerball winner is being very secretive about what he or she plans on doing with those Powerball winning numbers. The lucky Powerball ticket owner in Princeton, Texas collected the money, but he or she is desiring complete privacy in the matter.

“The claimant requested minimal publicity,” TL Management Trust said, according to Valley Central Action 4 News. The town of Princeton is very small, with only 6,800 people, so you would assume word will get out quickly in such a small community. But so far, all we know for sure is that some bought the Powerball winning numbers on February 11, 2015, at the Appletree Food Mart in Princeton. Trustee Andrew Web officially collected $127 million, and the owner of the Appletree Food Mart will also be very happy with the $1 million for selling the ticket.

The other Tennessee Powerball winner also hails from the small town of Fayetteville, which is home to 7,072 people as of 2012. The Powerball winning numbers came up on Saturday, March 8, and matched five numbers for the $1 million prize. According to WSMV, the Fayetteville Powerball ticket is the “158th Tennessee Lottery ticket sold worth $1 million or more since inception.” Since the Powerball winner has yet to collect the Powerball jackpot, there’s no additional information at this time.