Man Claims Jesus Christ Told Him To Steal Ambulance While Being Taken From Crash Scene

A man in Houston, Texas, stole an ambulance and crashed it. It wasn’t a joyride, though: he insists that Jesus Christ told him to take the ambulance. The rest of Jesus’ plan seems vague, at best.

According to local news channel KHOU, the suspect took the ambulance off the street at about 10 a.m. It wasn’t missing long.

About 30 minutes later, authorities recovered the vehicle after it had crashed into a 3 Men Movers truck.

Witness Randy Bingham told KHOU about the incident.

“I was upstairs working and I heard a loud bang. I’ve never seen an ambulance involved in a collision like that, especially the way that it happened.”

The witness says he was surprised to see no EMTs or other medical personnel exit the crash. Instead, the witness says he saw a solitary man who was wandering away.

Authorities quickly picked up the ambulance thief.

When questioned by a KHOU reporter on the scene, he said, “Lord Jesus Christ told me to steal the ambulance.”

The might sound strange, but Jesus Christ has been behind a number of crimes, like disturbing the peace.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, protester Christine Weick stormed the podium at the Texas Muslim Capitol Day to declare her love for Jesus, and negative views towards Islam.

“I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capitol of Texas. I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammad.”

She was removed from the podium, but apparently continues to travel the country crashing Muslim celebrations for Jesus.

Another woman named LaTascha Emanuel uses her body instead of her initiative to drive people’s attention towards Christ. Her segment, Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole, features her showing off her goods before discussing the gospel.

Although she’s found quite a following, many believe they’re listening for all the wrong reasons.

Even though Jesus Christ seems to lead so many to commit crimes or engage in other odd behavior, some claim he’ll also help with the judge. When Virginia governor Robert McDonnell was convicted of corruption charges, he thanked Jesus for his lenient sentence. The governor faced 10 to 11 years in prison, which was suddenly bumped down to two years from a previously hostile judge.

As for the man with the stolen ambulance, it’s not clear if Jesus Christ has any more work for him to do right now.

One mover was injured in the collision. He had to be taken away in a different ambulance.

[Image via KHOU]