$320,000 Blessings: Father Raising Quadruplets After Tragic Death Of Wife Receives Monetary Benedictions From Strangers

A father struggling to raise four infants after his wife died during childbirth has been bestowed with wishes and donations in excess of $320,000 online.

For Carlos Morales, it has been a tumultuous time. Each morning he wakes up and readies his two two-month-old babies, Carlos Jr. and Tracy, and then rushes to the hospital to see his other two new-borns, Erica and Paisley. Though the father of four infants is starting to get the hang of things, he still dearly misses his wife Erica Morales, 36. Erica tragically died on January 16, shortly after giving birth to the quadruplets.

The couple’s dream of raising a family remained unfulfilled, and though Carlos is struggling to raise his brood without the help of his wife, he is starting to get child-rearing.

“She should be here. It’s slowly getting a little bit easier.”

People Have Offered Money And Other Services In the Comments

But what is remarkable is that Carlos not just has the support of his family and friends, but over 9,000 strangers too. These kind-hearted people have accumulated over $320,000 for Carlos on a GoFundMe page his friend created.

“To think that so many people are giving me whatever they can afford makes me smile. Every single penny will help so I can give my babies a great life.”

Life is tough, says the father, who is now pressed for time that he divides between work and his kids at home and those in the hospital. However, these bundles of joy were all he and his wife dreamed of, and it is now up to the inexperienced father to raise the family.

“I don’t want to mess up. Erica always wanted children and so did I. These four babies were a blessing so I will make it work. I have to.”

Each of the four babies was born with just a smidgen of meat on their bones. Weighing just around three pounds, the babies are now slowly eating their way to the five-pound mark.

The sum of $320,000 is way higher than what a pizza delivery guy made after he endured humiliation. The money will certainly aide Carlos in providing a better life for his kids than what would have been possible otherwise.

Apart from money, people visiting the page have offered to donate clothes and other baby accessories that Carlos will soon need for his little angels. Some of the people have shown willingness to come and help out the kids’ grandma in child-rearing as well.

[Image Credit | GoFundMe, Facebook]