Elderly Man’s Home Egged Almost Every Day By Vandals, Police Offer $1,000 Reward

Almost every day, Albert Clemens Sr. and his son and daughter are awakened by the sound of eggs hitting his home in Euclid, Ohio. The 85-year-old man has lived in Euclid for nearly 60 years, and until last year, it was a pleasant existence. However, within the past year, unknown vandals have made Albert the target of a ceaseless and cruel campaign.

Albert Clemens says that his house is egged almost daily. He’s not talking about maybe a few eggs here or there; according to the elderly man, at least one individual is hitting his home with dozens of eggs at an almost daily rate.

Cleveland.com reports that the attacks typically occur at night and usually last for 10 minutes. The vandals hit the home usually once or twice almost every night. The police believe that rather than approach the green two-story house, the eggs are somehow launched from nearly two blocks away.

“The accuracy is phenomenal. Because almost every time when it’s nice weather and they launch five or six of these at a time, they almost invariably hit the front door.”

Even though it’s most common that eggs are projected at the home, Clemens said that his house has been hit with everything from apples to canned fruit. Initially, the elderly man tried to clean up the mess left by vandals, but he’s since given up.

Even though the matter is now in the hands of police, there doesn’t seem to be much law enforcement can do. There have been stakeouts, and the neighborhood has been searched for clues and suspects. All effort up to this point have been futile. Local officials are hoping that a $1,000 reward will inspire at least one person to come forward.

According to Euclid Police Lt. Mitch Houser, the crime seems to be very personal. No other homes in the area have been targeted, and the individual(s) seem dedicated to hitting this home practically every night without fail.

“Somebody is deeply, deeply angry at somebody in that household for some reason.”

One theory is the fact that Clemens regularly calls the police about criminal activity, especially those activities which relate to drugs. Whoever the persons are, they do not seem to be deterred from their “mission” by the presence of police. One officer was on the scene when a “barrage of eggs” was fired at the house. He was struck in the foot.

Even as the harassment continues, Albert Clemens said he refuses to leave the beloved home he once shared with his wife, who is now deceased.

“I like the neighborhood. I like the city of Euclid. I would live and die in this house… but it’s been kind of a nightmare.”

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact the Euclid Police Department.

[Image Credit: Fox 8]