Loving Father Gets Touching Tattoo To Match Deaf Daughter's Hearing Implant, Photo Goes Viral [Photo]

A loving father's touching gesture recently surfaced online. Since it's not uncommon for children with ailments to feel uncomfortable among peers, one father decided to make a gratuitous effort to ensure his daughter is comfortable and happy with who she is!

According to Mirror Online, the man recently decided to get a solidarity tattoo in honor of his little girl. Several news sites have reported that the tattoo, which displays a replicated image of his daughter's hearing implant, has gone viral.

On Mar. 1, an Instagram user with the name "justcuriouspoe" reportedly uploaded the picture of the father and daughter to the social media network. The touching picture included a captioned description with the hashtag "PassingAlongPositivity."
"This dude's daughter is deaf he got a hearing aid tattoo'd on himself to make her feel less self conscious."
Unfortunately, the father's identity is unknown. However, the heartfelt gesture has touched the hearts of many. The picture has also been shared on Twitter and Facebook. Many social media users have also dubbed the unnamed man "Father of the Year."

Surprisingly, the touching tattoo isn't the first of its kind. Last week, a couple with matching tattoos also made headlines. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the two decided to get matching tattoos on their legs to replicate their daughter's birthmark. That tribute has also gone viral.

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[Image via Instagram]