June 29, 2017
Hulk The Pit Bull Surprises, Dispels Vicious Dog Breed Myth

He's not green, but "Hulk" the pit bull is one incredible pet for a loving family. One lucky family in Maine are owners of the loving pit bull terrier, who is said to be one of the world's largest pit bull dogs in the world.

Thanks to a number of shared images and footage of their hulking canine, the video went viral. GMA extended them an invitation, and the pit bull, Hulk, wowed mobs of New Yorkers, according to an ABC News report.

This amazing animal weighs in at 175 pounds and looks more like an alpha bull or male lion sans a mane. At a glance, he would likely scare the pants off of a passerby who happens across him in a gated yard. However, according to an interview the family had on Good Morning America, Hulk the pit bull is more like a pussy cat and shatters many misconceptions.

Hulk's owners, Marlon and Lisa Grannan, spoke fondly about their family companion and said they trust the giant pit bull so much that there is no fear of him around their 3-year-old toddler. She even defended all breeds of pit bulls like Hulk, saying that the myth about them is overstated and without merit. In her opinion, even a dachshund can display aggressive behavior, depending on the owner's care and training.

"He's a wonderful, excellently trained dog. He plays with my kid, he's great with the family and he's so, so sweet.

"Because Pit Bulls are only in the media when bad things happen, this myth of them as monsters gets perpetuated, but it's not true. They might not be for everyone, but under a good leader and with proper training, they make amazing family and work or protection dogs."

While in the Big Apple, Hulk roamed around and greeted curious bystanders who wanted a closer glimpse of the mammoth-sized pit bull. To their amazement, the Grannan's son, Jordan, road the big bloke as if he were on a Clydesdale horse.

The Maine couple owns a family-operated dog kennel called Dark Dynasty K9s. They specialize in training and breeding American pit bull terriers for clients all over the world who are in need of guard dogs, as Lisa said.

"I want to emphasize that we breed and train dogs who come in stable. Our goal is to make these dogs fearless for the intimidation factor that protection dogs need to have, not for them to be uncontrolled and maul or bite anyone. That is improper training."

Undoubtedly, the viral video of Hulk the pit bull, which has garnered over seven million views, will lead to a spike in their business. Ironically, the family owns a chihuahua. Imagine that? Now, many viewers want to know the secret sauce to the dog's enormous growth. Hint: It's a family secret.

[Photo credit: Facebook via NBC Bay Area]