Girl Sees New Zealand Hunk On Beach With Dog, Woos Him With A Poster

It was a case of love at first sight for a Scots woman, who spotted a hunk walking his dog on the beach in Picton, New Zealand. She decided to make a poster for him, inviting him to meet her for a "drink/coffee/walk," and finally managed to track him down.

On the front was a painting of the guy and his dog and the invitation. The back featured a warning, asking people to please not remove the sign.

New Zealand

Sarah Milne is a backpacker currently visiting the shores of New Zealand, and she has finally had her first date with her mysterious hunk, Will Scott Chalmers.

After creating her poster, including a painting of Chalmers and his Labradoodle dog, she became quite the celebrity on Facebook, when photos of the sign were shared by the Beachcomber Fun Cruises page. Chalmers spotted them and also shared the images around the social network, identifying himself as said hunk on the beach.

According to the Daily Record, it was with the help of Beachcomber Fun Cruises in New Zealand that Milne finally organized a meeting with Chalmers.

Milne described her first date with Chalmers as "surreal." They apparently spent the night together at his place, after a few glasses of wine.

Milne, 33, said she had no idea it would go the way it did and that everything was a bit too public for her liking.

"The date has been going alright, we've had a few glasses of wine.

"It was overshadowed by every other person in Picton and... the very sweet thing it could have been has become this huge public thing.

"It was very embarrassing. I'm not someone who is used to the spotlight."

According to Chalmers, "The night went amazing," and he even treated her by cooking her breakfast the next morning.

"I told her, 'If you want to stay here for a week you can', and she said yes."

"She's full of life... there was no awkwardness at all."

"People are asking if we're getting married. I don't think people realize yesterday was the first time we talked."

The Daily Mail has a selection of photos taken by locals in New Zealand of the happy pair. Whether their relationship goes any further than this is yet to be seen, but it all goes to show that even though it isn't a Leap Year in 2015, it's worth taking a plunge and going after the guy you want.

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[Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 Knokton Poster images: Facebook]