Is One Direction Star Liam Payne Drinking Too Much? [Updated]

Chanel Adams

Editor's note: Everyone, from Cambio to the BBC to Liam Payne himself, seems to have something to say about this story and the Inquisitr's response is simple; we heard you and we'll take our lumps. Liam has since deleted related tweets, after having expressed his reluctance to respond to stories, and has instead replaced them with an apology for his "rant," to which we say "thank you" for taking us to task. While the Inquisitr's management team envisions our platform as a great source for entertainment and celebrity news, we certainly never want to be part of that news. In this case, it's certainly warranted and for that we offer our apologies to Liam Payne and his fans for the nature of the below story. Our writer has been counseled on the difference between reporting on existing gossip and rumors and, essentially, creating them through interpretation and speculation. Rather than sweep it under the rug, the story has been left in its original form, save for this mea culpa, for the sake of transparency. Again, our apologies.

Liam Payne could have a drinking problem. It's been reported that the One Direction star has been having a hard time performing on their On The Road Again tour. His other band mates fear that Liam may not be able well enough to perform at their next stop in Tokyo on Wednesday, March 4, according to Unreality TV.

Payne has been reportedly partying and drinking throughout most of the tour. He was recently spotted falling down drunk at a nightclub around Valentine's Day. Payne was also spotted partying with Louis Tomlinson who allegedly said, "I'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate." It was later revealed that Tomlinson told a fan that it "was unfortunate" that they shared the same birthday.

Payne reportedly gets "bored" while he's on tour. It also seems like the singer is having constant hotel problems, according to another Unreality TV report. Payne and the rest of the One Direction boys have been getting bored while they have been on tour. Their boredom has reportedly led to their constant partying and drinking.

Liam took to Twitter to say that he has "hotel boredom." It sounds like he tries to put an end to it by drinking and partying too much. Some fans think that Liam should spend his time resting before he hits the stage once again to perform.

It looks like Payne's hard partying ways are catching up with him. During the ongoing tour, he was allegedly seen with a penis drawn on his face after reportedly partying in Melbourne, Australia. Payne and Tomlinson reportedly visited a nightclub where they ordered several bottles of vodka.

Liam later took to Twitter to say that "Tomorrow will not be easy," meaning that he will probably have a hangover the next time he performs.

[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]