Chapel Hill Shootings: Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty

Prosecutors in the Chapel Hill Shooting case are reportedly seeking the death penalty for the man accused of killing three Muslim-Americans in North Carolina back in February of this year.

According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Craig Stephen Hicks of Chapel Hill, North Carolina was charged with three counts of murder and one count of discharging a firearm in an occupied dwelling last month after allegedly shooting and killing three Muslim-Americans near the University of North Carolina. Hicks has been accused of murdering Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23; his new wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21; and her 19-year-old sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha.

The three students were reportedly found at an apartment complex on February 10, 2015 after police were called to the scene due to reports of gunfire. According to ABC News, police say that Hicks’ motive for shooting the three students revolved around a long-running dispute over parking at the complex, though the victims’ families believe that Hicks had racially-motivated intentions.

While prosecutors have yet to rule out the possibility of a hate crime, the Inquisitr reported that Hick’s personal Facebook page includes posts and photos that send conflicting messages as to his belief in religious freedom.

For example, Hicks’ cover photo is of a saying that reads as follows.

“Of course I want religion to go away. I don’t deny your right to believe whatever you’d like; but I have the right to point out it’s ignorant and dangerous for as long as your baseless superstitions keep killing people.”

Hicks also reportedly made a post that read: “I hate Islam just as much as Christianity, but they have the right to worship in this country just as much as any others do.”

After the Chapel Hill shooting, Hicks reportedly turned himself into authorities.

MSNBC has reported that Durham County District Attorney, Roger Echols, filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against Hicks, 46, on February 25, 2015. Hicks reportedly had a hearing scheduled for Monday, but it was postponed until Tuesday.

Stay with the Inquisitr as more information on the Chapel Hill shooting becomes available.


[Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images]