Driver In Zombie Walk Hit And Run Defends Himself: ‘I Got Scared’ [Video]

Zombie Walks have become a popular means of celebrating an individual’s love for all things undead. The visual of a hoard of undead walkers can bring fright to those unaware of what is going on or frustration to those that just want to arrive at their destination without delay.

A man who encountered a Chicago zombie walk in July of 2014 became impatient as he waited for a line of zombies to cross his path, opting to push his way through them instead. He stated he was unaware that he ran anyone over, claiming he “got scared” when a zombie attempted to open his rear car door.

According to Sky News, the incident severely injured a woman as Matthew Pocci rammed his way through the crowd of zombies and sped off from the scene. The zombie walk, a Comic-Con-sponsored event, had received plenty of publicity. As a result of his poor decision to plow through the crowd, Pocci is facing felony charges for the hit and run and is expected to be arraigned in March.

CBS 8 shared that Pocci wanted to tell his side of the story, reporting that he only sped through because he became frightened after one of the zombies attempted to open the rear door of his car, where his girlfriend’s sister was seated.

Pocci, a 48-year-old deaf man, claims he had no prior knowledge of the zombie walk and thought it may have been more spontaneous in nature. He was angered that so many people had surrounded his car and scared when they started pounding on his windows. He attempted to ask for the zombies to let him through, as well as what was going on, but he was laughed at instead.

“I decided to open the window and asked this man who was wearing a Spiderman shirt what was going on with the parade and when it will be done. He was laughing at me and said that the parade is still on and that I should stay put and wait.”

He became impatient and decided to budge his way through the crowd while honking his horn to signal his movement.

“I moved my car and honked the horn. One guy got angry and punched the front window. There was a back door that was opened where my girlfriend’s sister was sitting. I got scared. That’s when I plowed my car through the crowd,”

As a result of his fright, he ran over a 64-year-old woman, causing serious damage to her arm. The crowd became chaotic as they attempted to tend to the woman and stop Pocci from leaving the scene. Pocci claims he was unaware he hit the lady or anyone at all. Instead, claiming he was more concerned about the safety of his family.

“I didn’t know that I hit the old lady at that time. All I was thinking about was my family. I knew I had to get out of the situation. My family had to come first. Our safety was my priority,”

After viewing the video, do you believe Pocci’s claim?

[Photo Courtesy: The Daily Dot]