Powerball Winning Numbers For February 28: Does $80 Million Belong To You?

Powerball Winning Numbers

Winning the lottery is something that everyone dreams of doing because it’s believed that your troubles will be over and life will be easier. While all of that remains to be seen, it wouldn’t be bad to win and give it a shot.

If you bought some tickets for this week, make sure to check the Powerball winning numbers for February 28 and see if you’ve won $80 million.

After this past Wednesday night’s drawing, there were no winners yet again, and that means the jackpot was up for Saturday. If there is just one winner of the jackpot and they decide to take a lump sum cash payment, then they’ll take home $52.3 million.

Here are the winning numbers for February 21: 11, 17, 25, 28, 46 with a Powerball of 12. Power Play was at 2X.

For a single mother in North Carolina, her life was changed forever when she was one of three winners in the enormous jackpot of over $550 million. Once she was officially declared a winner and came forth to claim her prize, it was a day she will never forget.

If by some chance you don’t end up matching all five numbers and the Powerball for the big jackpot, there are other ways to win as well.

MLive reported that Jeff Smith of Stanton, Michigan, won $1 million due to matching the five white balls drawn in the January 17 drawing. He won his money and before even being able to officially claim it, Smith walked into his job and quit.

“Even a month later, I’m still in disbelief,” Smith told Lotto officials.

With his winnings, he’s going to buy a new truck, pay off some debts he still has, and then do some fishing while enjoying retirement. He’s never been a big Powerball player, but he said that he got “a feeling” to play.

After learning he had won and going into his job to quit, Smith made sure to play it safe.

“I put the ticket in a safe while I got my affairs in order before coming to claim the prize.”

Saturday night’s drawing for $80 million is something that a lot of people were anxiously watching and paying attention to. They watched as the numbers popped up one-by-one and then settled into place.

The Powerball winning numbers for February 28 may have made someone very rich, and it could very well be you. Remember though, you’ve got to spend money to win money.

[Image via Powerball]