Tammy Meyers: ‘Road Rage Killer’ Claims He Acted In Self Defense

Erich Nowsch, the 19-year-old who was arrested last week on suspicion of the high profile “road rage” killing of Tammy Meyers, has claimed that he was acting in self-defense when he gunned down the 44-year-old mother.

In his first court appearance on Monday, lawyers for Nowsch did not enter a plea. He is charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, and discharging a weapon from a car in relation to the killing of Meyers. His lawyer, Conrad Claus, asserts that Nowsch will plead self-defense in the case, according to CNN. Nowsch’s legal team has alleged that their client received unspecified death threats prior to the shooting, and that Tammy Meyers’ son, Brandon, had pointed a firearm at him.

The incident that claimed Meyers’ life took place on February 12. The shooting was at first thought to be the result of a road rage incident that allegedly transpired when Meyers was transporting her daughter home from a late-night driving lesson. Last week, however, it was revealed that Tammy Meyers dropped her daughter off at home, and set out with her 22-year-old son to find the offending car.

Details of the case have been widely confused since the incident transpired, as much of the information surrounding the shooting wasn’t immediately revealed. As the Daily Mail points out, the family initially stated that Meyers was killed directly following a road rage incident, and that Brandon Meyers retrieved his gun from the family’s home, in an effort to chase after the killer’s car. The fact that Meyers and her son tracked down the offending vehicle was not initially revealed, according to Meyers’ husband, Robert.

“My son was very hurt, thinking I was going to blame him for his mom going down, and he didn’t come forward with all the things,” he told ABC.

Earlier this week, allegations surfaced that Tammy Meyers had been buying prescription drugs from Nowsch for some time, casting further doubt on the idea that road rage was a motive for the killing, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Robert Selig, a 47-year-old neighbor of the family, pointed to the circumstances of Meyers’ death, asserting that she purchased pharmaceuticals from Nowsch in a local park.

“The son and mother left the Meyers residence looking for Erich on a drug deal gone bad. That’s the word on the street. A prescription drug deal gone bad.”

A preliminary hearing for the case has been scheduled for March 10, when evidence surrounding Meyers’ death will be presented. Nowsch’s lawyers say they will question the family’s account of Tammy Meyers’ killing, asserting that the road rage incident never transpired.

[Image: Isaac Brekken/AP via the Daily Mail]