Missing Police Dog: Two Months Later, Police K-9 Karson Is Found Alive, Safe

Drew Angerer / StaffGetty Images

A missing police dog has been found alive and well after going missing two months ago. According to USA Today, Karson, a Wilmington Police Department K-9, was rescued on Saturday after being spotted in an open field. While his owner was present, the Belgian Malinois wouldn’t respond to commands, so volunteers had no choice but to try and chase him down. The account (written by Karson’s owner, Officer Jerry Popp) was posted on a Facebook page that was set up when Karson first went missing on Christmas Eve.

“Sgt Fithen chased Karson in the truck as I tried to catch up. Eventually with several turns and slides in the field, Karson gave up and stopped. Sgt Fithen then got out of the truck opened up the doors and lay down in the snow. He made himself very small and nonthreatening. Karson froze as Fithen began to talk to him. I walked as slowly as I could to the truck and got behind Karson. Karson turned his head and saw me and then he jumped directly into the front seat of the police truck. The doors were closed and windows rolled up. He was captured just like that. I then proceeded to kneel in the snow and cry.”

The missing police dog had roamed for two months and was spotted in Clinton and Greene counties. He managed to survive in frigid cold temperatures, and keep himself fairly hydrated. According to Mail Online, Karson lost 14 pounds after escaping from a kennel where he was being cared for while Popp was on vacation. The dog has been checked out by a vet and is getting plenty of rest inside his warm home.

Thousands of people have been touched by this story, and are so happy to know that Karson was found alive and well.

“It’s going on 5:30 a.m. and Karson has been perfect all night. He has slept since 11 p.m. and is acting as if he never left the house. He has played with a tennis ball in the house, eaten, drunk lots of water and slept. I took him out to the garage and he sat in front of the cruiser door until I opened it. He jumped in the back of the patrol car and sat. I can tell he has been losing sleep and now he just wants to calm down and relax.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been quite a few happy endings in missing dog cases recently. Last month, a woman in Indiana was reunited with her pup after she went missing seven months earlier. The pit bull was dropped off at an animal shelter some 1,100 miles away from her home.