Batman Kills Fan With 'Uppercut,' Says Obituary

Batman kills people at times, or at least that's what a Florida obituary would have us believe. In the comic books, the Dark Knight has a problem with causing anyone's death, and even in the video games, he never killed anyone.

Technically Batman allowed someone to die in a game, but he didn't cause it. I'll let you figure out who on your own.

Stephen Merrill, 31, of Lakeland, Florida, died suddenly of unknown causes on February 12. Instead of telling the local newspaper the actual cause of death, they decided to let his fantasies come true.

Merrill had been battling cancer since 2013, and when he died, his friends suggested a cause of death indicating that Batman kills. His fiancée Stephanie Vella said, "He would have been honored to have died by an uppercut from Batman."

Originally meant as a joke, the idea caught on, and it was allegedly the best laugh his family had in days, according to a close friend. The official obituary from The Ledger reflected the idea that Stephen had died in a way that honored him.

"Stephen Merrill, 31, passes away February 12, 2015, due to a uppercut from Batman.

"He was born January 28, 1984, the son of Larry Ronald Merrill and Bridgett I. Dotson Merrill. He was in retail sales at The Big Shop in Legoland, Florida.

"In addition to his parents, Stephen is survived by his fiancée, Stephanie Vella; son, Noah; and sister, Kimberly."

The obituary where Batman kills wasn't the only thing Merrill's friends did to honor him. He had worked in a toy store that sold Lego blocks, and he had gone by the nickname Bread. Because of this, they made a "loaf of bread" out of Lego blocks and sent it to his family.

In true comic book fan fashion, Merrill's funeral was set up with a focus on superheroes. Flowers were arranged to resembled Captain America's shield, and several friends and family members showed up in superhero T-shirts. The proceedings included quotes from the Marvel film The Avengers.

As a fan of comic books and absurd humor, Merrill's friends claimed the funeral and obituary were quite fitting and it's what he would have wanted. He was surrounded by superhero memorabilia and his obituary stated his cause of death was an uppercut from Batman, which got a much needed laugh from everyone in attendance.

It's rather rare that Batman kills, but for the passing of Stephen Merrill, his friends and family felt the announcement was worth it.

[Image via Pix-Geeks, The Ledger]