Rami The Odd Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Gains ‘Ambassador’ Status

Pit bulls rarely attract much attention, besides maybe some apprehension, due to various misconceptions. However, when a pit bull mated with a Dachshund, heads began turning and the newly created creature went viral. The Pit bull-Dachshund mix named Rami, hailing from the deep south of South Georgia, has become something of an internet celebrity.

He has managed to garner his shelter Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society a lot of attention. After his picture went viral, they chose to release a brief statement, according to Click On Detroit.

“It is a true pit bull head on a dachshund body.”

After weeks have gone by, and adoption requests have poured in, Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund remains at his home shelter. The fame he has received garnered him a T-shirt, and like most internet sensations, a Facebook page with over 5,000 likes and counting. It would appear that Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund will not be adopted. However, he has received the great honor and title of “Ambassador,” according to CNN.

His mission, should he choose to accept it, is to be an ambassador of weird pets in shelters and act as a therapy dog. If his own words are to be believed, it would appear he has accepted the great honor bestowed upon him.

“Now I’m going to get the training I need to be a certified therapy dog so I can visit more kids in schools and hospitals, and even the elderly in the nursing homes.”

Now, there might be some who are concerned about Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund’s living condition after be knighted into his new job, in lieu of being adopted. However, from his Facebook page, Rami assures us that he is well taken care of.

“Please be assured that I am being well taken care of and loved. At night I go to my other home where I can play and sleep with my fosters! No more worries as a dog on the street, now I have food in my tummy, a warm cozy bed, and lots of friends and most important… LOVE!!”

Apparently, according to the shelter, his celebrity status has gone to good use. The animal shelter, for which he is ambassador of, has had an increase in adoptions all thanks to Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund. Just having his picture upon their Facebook page has netted them 2.4 million hits.

Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund has shown to be quite the ambassador, but will his therapy dog job go as well as Zen the pit bull’s has, the Inquisitr reported upon therapy pit bull that helps veterans?

Only time can tell.

[Image Via Rami the Pit bull-Dachshund Facebook]