Autism: Parents Giving Children Bleach Enemas To Flush Out Vaccines, Claim It Is Miracle Cure [Video]

Parents of children with autism face a daily struggle that many parents are unaware of. The care of an autistic child may differ from that of a child who does not have autism, yet the love and adoration is no different.

Still, some parents become overwhelmed with the stress that an autistic child may insert into their lives, resulting in a search for miracle cures that claim to remove the symptoms of autism. One such cure involves administering a bleach enema that claims to flush out vaccines that are believed to cause autism. Despite the danger of the supposed cure, many parents are opting to take a chance in hopes of saving their children from their autistic prison.

The miracle solution some parents of autistic children are administering to their children contains a mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid, a solution that is used to bleach wood pulp. The mixture is the brainchild of Jim Humble, according to Metro. Humble was a member of the Church of Scientology but left to form the Genesis II Church of Healing and Health. Humble claims that his Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) can cure more than autism, including malaria, HIV, hepatitis, acne, and even cancer.

Although Humble claims MMS is a miracle cure, the FDA warns against using it on humans, stating that it is “dangerous” and “potentially life threatening.” A parent who administers the toxic miracle cure shared that the bleach enema is painful, but she has seen positive results, despite the pain her child endures during the administration.


Raw Story shared that Kerri Rivera, founder of the website CD Autism (‘Autism: Avoidable. Treatable. Curable.’), keeps track of parents who contact her stating MMS has cured their children. She identifies herself as a biomedical consultant and certified homeopath. Yet, her documentation of cured autistic children is not sufficient to proclaim the miracle bleach enemas are truly a cure, according to the Autism Science Foundation. The ASF warns that the bleach enema has not undergone “rigorous clinical studies” and parents are administering the treatment at the risk of their child’s life.

“It is important to remember that anyone can start a journal or post a study on the Internet to tout the efficacy of dangerous or useless interventions. Healthcare fraud is a huge business in the US, and parents of children with autism are often targeted. Fringe treatment providers prey on desperation and fear, and deceive parents with numerous unfounded claims.”

Miracle cures have been marketed for hundreds of years or more, and many have been found to do more harm than good. Attempting to administer cures, such as Miracle Mineral Solution, is not suggested without consulting with a qualified medical professional.

As a parent, would you chance administering a bleach enema to your child in an attempt to “cure” him or her, or would you accept their autism and love them unconditionally?

[Photo Courtesy: AATP]