Almost ‘Homicide By Car,’ Driver Tries To Kill Man By Smashing Him Against Another Car [Video]

Shocking footage of a possible homicide attempt. Clinging for dear life, a man named Justin Finch held on to the spoiler of a car while the driver sped away.

This potentially-fatal occurrence took place in Phoenix, Arizona, just days ago. According to Fox 10 Phoenix, Justin did escape serious injury and came away with only minor injuries.

Fortunately, a bystander got the incident on video. As can be seen, the driver intentionally tries to smash Finch between his car and the one he was approaching in reverse.

The police found the driver and decided to let everyone go, as the officer claims no one wanted to press charges. Afterwards, Justin gives Fox 10 Phoenix a few words.

“It was shocking. I was scared for my life for a minute. Bam, I got pinched between two cars. This leg got twisted around and stuff. I’m like, afraid. They said it was a mutual thing, but I don’t think it was a mutual thing because I didn’t come at them, they came at me. I want justice. I really do.”

The news medium offers additional information as follows.

“Finch says it all started as he was walking out of the record store. He says the group called him a gay slur, which led to a physical fight and he admits he slammed one of the guys to the ground. Eventually, Finch says police stopped the car a half mile away.”

Yet, according to the same source, the people in the car say that Justin was not a victim. They go on to mention as follows.

“I turned around to walk outside and he assaulted me, he picked me up and I started defending myself,” said 16-year-old Orlando Munoz, who was one of the people inside the white car. He was with his uncle and his uncle’s girlfriend, who he says was driving.

Munoz’s mother, Yvette, who is gay, says her son never used a gay slur and this was no hate crime.

From the looks of the video, there was plenty of time for the car to have stopped to let Finch off the trunk. You have to ask, what was the intent? If you were hanging on to the trunk of a car for half a mile while someone tried to drag you along, at high speeds for the situation, would you choose to not press charges? This being after the fact that the driver attempted to smash the man between two vehicles.

Justin was just a slip away from death. If it weren’t for quick-thinking, he could’ve found himself underneath the driver’s car.

According to the Fox 10, the seemingly-homicidal act is being investigated by the police department’s hate-crime division.

What do you think about the incident? Was it an intentional homicide attempt? Was it a hate crime? Or, as rendered, was it a mutual agreement and not that big a deal?

[Feature Image and Video via YouTube]