Couple Arrested For Beating Boy: Made Him To Stand In A Corner For Weeks, Beating Him Each Time He Moved

An 11-year-old boy reportedly suffered weeks of torture at the hands of his mother, Amanda Ramirez, 29, and her boyfriend, Anthony Berardi, 28. According to KSL, the child was allegedly forced to stand in a corner for weeks between October and November of last year. Each time he moved, he was beaten.

Court records indicate Ramirez and Berardi forced the little boy to stay in the corner for several weeks. He was only allowed to take bathroom breaks, eat dinner, and go to bed. Otherwise, if he moved, he was beaten with a belt or punched in the head. The boy reportedly informed investigators that one night Berardi hit 51 times with a belt and his mother did nothing to prevent or stop the vicious assault.

The boy’s biological father, Anthony Hathaway, recently spoke with Good 4 Utah about the abuse. He revealed his 11-year-old son wasn’t the only child to suffer abuse at the hands of Ramirez and Berardi. He and Ramirez also have two other children together. Unfortunately, all three children have suffered some form of abuse from their mother and her boyfriend.

“I had gotten into an argument with Amanda and Anthony Berardi about him touching my kids and then two weeks later I picked them up and that’s when my son was telling me he had the bruise,” said Hathaway. “From what my son told me, his mom knew about it. Since about February of last year. Him throwing tennis balls at the back of their heads, empty pill bottles, standing in the corner.”

Hathaway also explained how Ramirez would respond when questioned about the bruises on their son, saying, “She tried to say the bruise on my son was from him getting hurt at school.”

However, she reportedly had a different explanation for local authorities. She actually justified their actions in the probable cause statement she gave police.

“We are both enforcing my rules,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez and Berardi are currently being held at the Salt Lake County Jail. Both have been charged with 10 counts of child abuse.

[Image via Salt Lake County Jail]