JK Rowling Writes A Heartwarming Letter To Bullying Victim: He Can Join Gryffindor

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has once again proven how much she cares about the fans of her books.

According to the Mirror, Rowling was touched when young Harry Potter fan Johnnie Blue told her about the troubles he was having at school. JK Rowling met 17-year-old Johnnie Blue when he traveled more than 200 miles from his home in Scotland to Harrogate, Yorkshire, to see his favorite author at a literary event.

The Daily Record reports that Johnnie traveled to Yorkshire to meet Rowling at an event where she was signing copies of her new book, The Silkworm. Johnnie wrote a letter to JK Rowling to explain how important the Harry Potter books were to him and placed it in an embossed copper notebook that he had made especially for Rowling. Johnnie explained that JK Rowling’s books about the young wizard had helped him to deal with seven years of bullying at school, and he thanked Rowling for the support they had provided.

The Debrief explains that JK Rowling was touched by Johnnie’s story and took the time to write back to him with a message of support. Last August, Johnnie, a student who lives in Scotland, returned home from school to find a letter from Rowling praising his strength in dealing with the bullies.

“[W]hat you say about Harry helping you at what was clearly a dreadful time in your life means more to me than I can easily express.

“I freely confess that I loathe bullying and the way it is still so often ‘handled’ in schools. Your experience is shocking and disturbing and that you have turned out to be a compassionate, moral, highly motivated person is high testimony to your courage. Gryffindor for you, my lad.”

Johnnie had initially engaged in a Twitter exchange with Rowling and amazingly she remembered him when he attended the book signing.

Johnnie said, “I wanted to tell her how her books were an escape for me when I was being bullied at primary school. Whenever I was down, I could go and read Harry Potter and they would take me to another place.”

He added, “I told her I was the boy from Twitter with the Dobby eyes and she said, ‘Of course, I remember you.'”

Johnnie told Buzzfeed that he returned home from school and found the letter.

“I opened the purple tissue-lined envelope to find JK Rowling’s signature letterhead, by the time I was finished reading the letter, there were tears rolling down my face.”

Johnnie says that JK Rowling is his hero and that she has saved many people’s lives, including his own.

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