Family Knew Suspect: Erich Nowsch Was Mentored By Victim Tammy Meyers

The death of Tammy Meyers has taken yet another strange turn, following the revelation that the victim’s family knew suspect Erich Nowsch.

Nowsch was arrested on Thursday in connection with the shooting of the 44-year-old mother-of-four last week following an alleged road rage incident.

However, not long after Meyers was taken off life support, the startling story behind her death began to unravel.

A few days ago it was learned that Tammy came home to retrieve her son and his gun; the pair then drove around looking for Erich.

Although they found him, it was claimed that Tammy Meyers had no further interest in pursuing the matter and came home. It was after this that Erich Nowsch allegedly drove up to their home and opened fire.

Police are reportedly reluctant to say whether or not they believe Erich is responsible. It is known that witnesses say that there were others in the vehicle with Nowsch on the night of the shooting.

Capt. Chris Tomaino revealed that law enforcement officials are currently seeking a second suspect in connection to the case.

Erich Nowsch was revealed to have a surprisingly close connection to victim Tammy Meyer. She had tried to mentor him, feed him, and care for him. She also reportedly tried to influence him in a positive way.

Nowsch lived a block away from the family, as revealed by Robert Meyers during an outburst. He blamed the media for making his deceased wife “look like an animal”.

“[Tammy fed Erich], she gave him money…she told him to pull his pants up and be a man.”

Although public sentiment has been notably less supportive of the Meyers family, a large portion of that pullback can be blamed on the alleged deception as the story continues to change.

Now that it has been revealed that Tammy Meyers knew Erich Nowsch personally, the inevitable questions arise.

First, if there was a road rage incident involving the suspect, why did Tammy come home to grab her son and a weapon? She seemed to express some level of maternal care for him, a relationship where the leap to potential violence wouldn’t make sense.

Also, why drive around looking for Erich Nowsch if the Meyers family knew him and where he lived?

Statements by Robert Meyers suggest that the family was afraid, but the changing story makes it hard to understand exactly what happened to Tammy Meyers.

Do you think the family knew that Erich Nowsch was connected to the fatal shooting of Tammy Meyers? If so, why wasn’t this connection made earlier?

[Image Credit: Las Vegas Police Department/Reuters/Handout]