Mom Fed Up With Daughter Singing ‘Frozen’ Song Repeatedly, Her Hilarious Response Goes Viral [Video]

Every child has that one Disney song they fall in love with. For one woman’s daughter, its the theme of Disney’s 2013 film, Frozen. Apparently, her little girl is in love with the two-time Academy Award-winning song, “Let It Go.” She loves it so much, she’s sung it three days straight. Now, Odessa has had enough.

So, on Tuesday, Feb. 17, Odessa Waters, known as “Aunt Boo,” took to Facebook with a short video documenting her daughter’s mini concerts in an effort to voice her frustrations. Now, her hilarious response has gone viral.

The short clip starts off with the little girl singing in the background. According to Odessa, it was “Day 3” of her daughter’s ongoing concert. Since school had been out for three consecutive days due to winter weather, her daughter had lots of time to perfect her singing skills. However, Odessa wasn’t too happy about the continuous concert. She definitely made her sentiments quite clear in the video!

“All day Frozen, Elsa, what’s the snowman’s name? Olaf, what’s the sister’s name that froze ever body up in the beginning, Anna… If I ever could choke some cartoon characters it’d be them. Kristoff, all of them I’d kill em if I could.”

In less than two days, the video response has received more than 50,000 likes, and more than 250,000 shares. The video has also been shared on several other social media platforms as it continues to circulate. Needless to say, everyone finds Odessa’s response quite comical.

[Image via Facebook]