Slender Man Victim Payton Leutner Back At School And Celebrating Birthday

Slender Man victim Payton Leutner is finally back in school and getting ready to celebrate her 13th birthday. The little girl was allegedly stabbed 19 times by two of her 12-year-old friends during a sleepover. The court is currently deciding whether or not to try Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser as adults in the attempted murder case.

Payton Leutner has had an amazing physical recovery from the Slender Man attack, according to statements made by family spokesman Steve Lyons during an interview with the Daily Mail. “They are amazing Midwestern parents with Midwestern values,” Lyons said of the Waukesha, Wisconsin Leutner family. Payton Leutner visited a cat shelter on her birthday and was all smiles and happy, according to the Facebook photos of the celebration shared by the family.

payton leutner
Payton Leutner, Slender Man attack victim.

Defense attorneys for the 12-year-old said Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were “told” by Slender Man, which grew out of an internet meme, to kill Payton Leutner. The lawyers for Geyser and Weier are pushing for the girls to be tried as juveniles.

Lyons spoke about Payton’s parents as well.

“Payton’s mother and father have been attending court. They’re doing so because they felt they need to move forward. As difficult as it is to hear these horrific acts, they’ve worked so closely with the district attorney that there’s very little they weren’t aware of. To hear it and see it at the proceedings is horrific but it’s helping them with the healing process.”

It has been nearly a year since the Slender Man stabbing. Leutner was blissfully unaware of the attack, which Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier had allegedly spent five months planning for the night of the sleepover. The slumber party was to celebrate Geyser’s 12th birthday.

Payton Leutner was reportedly stabbed in the arms, abdomen, and chest by Geyser. The doctor’s statement indicates that the Slender Man victim was stabbed less than one millimeter from a major artery, leaving Leutner “the width of a human hair from death.”

The severely wounded girl was found by a bicyclist after she had crawled to the edge of the woods where her friends had allegedly left her to die. If tried and convicted as adults, Geyser and Meier could get up to 60 years in prison for the Slender Man attack.

A multitude of pages from notebooks from the accused attackers have been presented in evidence in the Slender Man stabbing trial. “I love killing people,” one caption beneath an image of a “cat-like” girl holding a scythe over the body of a dead girl, said. A “mutilated Barbie doll” and lists of “supplies necessary” for the stabbing, along with a map of the nearby woods and a kitchen knife have also been presented as evidence in the case.

The parents of Payton Leutner have not yet stated their view on the possibility of their daughter’s alleged attackers being tried as adults. “Justice will prevail,” Leutner’s parents believe, according to the family spokesman.

Do you think the accused Slender Man attackers should be tried as adults?

[Images via: Cornell University and Think Today]