Medicine Hat Killer: Girl Helped Murder Family, Could Have Curfew Lifted Soon

A young Medicine Hat killer is scheduled to get a hearing to possibly have her remaining curfew lifted. The 12-year-old Calgary girl had helped murder her mother, father, and brother in 2006, and has almost served her 10 year sentence. She was charged with three counts of first degree murder and remains the youngest multiple killer in Medicine Hat.

Known only as J.R., in order to hide her identity under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, she had worked with her then-boyfriend Jeremy Steinke to end the lives of her family.

J.R.’s last review took place in September at Medicine Hat Court of Queen’s Bench, when she was granted a lift in her curfew allowing her to stay out past 11:30 on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). It was at that review that the Crown and the defense suggested her curfew be lifted completely, because it was preventing her from bonding with friends she will need once she has served her time.

The judge did not agree, claiming that the rehabilitating Medicine Hat killer needed to take “baby steps” toward freedom. On Tuesday, February 17, J.R.’s attorney once again suggested lifting her curfew completely. They stressed the fact that she will have served her time as of May, 2016.

Despite J.R.’s positive reports since her last review, caseworkers have told Justice Scott Brooker via closed captioned TV that the girl is moving to more independent living closer to the completion of her time served. Currently, she requires supervision, including regular reports from a landlord-type person. They claim she has shown to be remorseful about her crime.


The judge insists on taking “baby steps” toward J.R.’s actual freedom, and claims she will be free and without curfew on the date her sentence is over. On August 20, her next review date, her curfew is likely to come into question once more.

Medicine Hat killer J.R. is scheduled to have her curfew lifted and granted unsupervised freedom the day her sentence has been completed, but the Calgary girl’s defense will continue to fight for more leniency until then.

[Image via Calgary Herald]